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Travel items for Africa

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Over at White African, there is a valuable list of items to bring along during travel in Africa.

The following are the five items that I have with me in Malawi that I have repeatedly thanked myself for bringing:

  1. Rechargeable batteries. Whether they be AA or AAA, batteries in Malawi are ridiculously expensive (once you exclude the generic Chinese “Tiger” batteries that last about 2 hours on a GPS unit).
  2. African history books. I get most of my contemporary African history from online sources, but nothing online can replace the in-depth and detailed histories laid out in some of the 600+ page histories of the African continent and its peoples.
  3. Ultra-light backpack. This is
  4. Netbook. This is a recent addition to my collection and probably one of the most useful items while doing field work.
  5. Comfortable shoes. Walking is inevitable. Might as well be soft on the soles.

The two most important tools I can advise to anyone traveling or working in Africa are not material items, however. Patience and curiosity get you further and provide greater rewards than anything you could pack in a suitcase.

ht to Kim.


Written by Niall

June 14, 2009 at 1:04 pm

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