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President Mugabe has decided to push ahead his own government in a straight arm move toward Morgan Tsvangirai. While action is definitely needed, it’s not clear that talk of action will actually lead to a semblance of a workable government. It is shameful that the people of Zimbabwe are forced to suffer through this silliness at the same time as a massive economic crisis and historic-level inflation. Wihout including MDC in the government, it is hard to envision and end to the use of state-back violence for achieving political ends. The IHT makes this clear in an editorial today

Update: The WFP has made a tough decision that will, most likely, negatively affect the welfare of poor Zimbabweans. However, it is the decision they must make in order to hope for some responsibility into the Zim government.


Written by Niall

November 11, 2008 at 7:47 pm

Posted in Africa, Zimbabwe

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